Scholarship Soiree

A Celebration of A Successful Year!

The Scholarship Soiree is a end-of-year celebration, congratulating the scholars who have earned scholarships, members of the Service Leadership Scholars and our industry partners who make it all possible.

This event is a special occasion that honors the achievements of students who have demonstrated academic excellence and dedication to their studies. We are proud to recognize the hard work and commitment of our scholarship recipients, and we invite you to join us in celebrating their success.

Our celebration will have music, food, and opportunities to connect with other scholarship winners, graduating seniors, future fellow Scholars as well as with distinguished guests and alumni.

During the event, we will also have speeches and presentations to honor the scholarship recipients and to recognize the support of their families, teachers, mentors and donors. We will present awards and certificates to the scholarship winners, as well as share their inspiring stories of perseverance and success.

This celebration is not only about individual achievement but also about the power of education and community support. Without the help from our Strategic Industry Partners, scholarship donors, Service Leadership Scholars hosts, faculty and alumni, this successful year would not be possible.

Our scholarship winners are a testament to the value of education and the opportunities it provides for personal growth and success. This event is a reminder of the importance of investing in education and supporting students on their academic journeys.

We are thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of our scholarship winners and to share this special moment with you. Thank you for joining us in recognizing the hard work and dedication of our scholarship recipients.