Enrollment Process

Prior to logging in to the HTMT Internship Management Portal below, you should have:

  • Joined the HTM Listserv
  • Met with your advisor to confirm your eligibility,
  • Watched the Internship Informational Session or met with Professor Clement and,
  • Sought, Pursued and Obtained an Internship

Once you’ve completed the steps above, follow this link to:

Apply Now

If the link above does not work, please cut & paste this address to your browser: https://cofc-apply.smapply.io/

All internships and Learning Contracts must be reviewed and approved by the HTMT Internship Coordinator as well as the Department Chair. In some cases, you may be required to amend, alter or renegotiate your Learning Contract in order to ensure the intellectual rigor and/or satisfy the academic requirements for the internship experience. Please be aware that not all internship opportunities are or can be made suitable or challenging enough for the HTMT internship requirement.

Once the Learning Contract is approved, the Internship Coordinator will ensure all documentation is signed and processed with the Registrar, you will be registered for the course, and it will appear on your schedule.

The Internship Coordinator will send you an email with initial instructions for how to set up your course folder and a link to the course syllabus and other pertinent documentation for the semester. Assignments and all course documents will be available via Google Drive as well as OAKS, all assignments will be submitted via OAKS for the HTMT 444 course.

If at any time you have issues related to your internship, please contact your Faculty Supervisor/Internship Coordinator immediately. You may find official information regarding your rights and obligations as a College of Charleston intern here.