Internship Checklist

The following checklist can be an effective tool to ensure you are entering the internship experience fully aware of the opportunities available to you and how best to take advantage of them.

___ I am a Declared HTMT Major, Minor or Concentration
___ I have taken HTMT 210 and (for HTMT444 only) at least one upper level HTM class
___ I am on the HTMT ListServ email list and have explored the archive at:
___ I have 90 credit hours/Senior Standing (for HTMT444 only)
___ I have attended the Internship Program Information Session offered periodically during both fall or spring semester (for an updated list of times go the HTMT Internship webpage)
___ I have viewed the online 444 Internship Information Session (for HTMT444 only)
___ I have reviewed the Internship Manual and all other resources available vis the HTMT website to address my initial questions.
___ I have researched potential internship opportunities and begun to seek out appropriate organizational points of contact or mutual connections (Meet with Internship Coordinator if you need help in this process)
___ I have updated my Resume & reviewed it with an academic advisor or faculty member
___ I have developed at least one Cover Letter template (actual cover letter should be tailored to each individual internship opportunity)
___ I have sent cover letters/letter of interest and resumes to potential Internship Hosts…and followed up!
___ I will be or currently am interviewing for internship opportunities
___ I have contacted the Internship Coordinator for internship contacts or to make an appointment for assistance in finding an internship.
___ I submitted my Internship Application Package (Application for Individual Enrollment & Learning Contract) both only available via the Internship Portal once internship offer is attained. (See enrollment process below)

Enrollment Process:
Once selected and hired for an internship opportunity, complete the Internship Enrollment Package via the Internship Portal (also available on the Enrollment Process or HTM Internship Forms webpages)

Confirmation & Course Requirements:

  • Once The Internship Application Package is submitted, your Host Supervisor will be emailed to review and approve of your Learning Contract
  • Once approved by the Host, all documentation will be reviewed and approved by Internship Coordinator, Department Chair, and the Office of the Registrar before being process
  • Once processed, the HTMT 444 course will appear on your course schedule.
  • You will be sent a current semester syllabus and other necessary course documentation via your College of Charleston G-mail account
  • You will be required to create a Google Drive folder & to add the course Drive Folder to your College-issued Google Drive account.
  • You will also be provided information for the required Internship Advisory Sessions (HTMT444) or Academic Community Engagement & Professional Development activities (HTMT 244) you must attend during the academic period of your internship 


If you are an HTM Minor (declared prior to 2014) or Concentration pursuing a non-credit internship opportunity, you must:
__________ Complete the Learning Contract only and submit for approval (please contact the Internship Coordinator for assistance)
__________ Complete the 120 hour work requirement
__________ Write a 2-3 page summary report of your internship upon conclusion and submit to Coordinator.
__________ Host Supervisor must complete a survey evaluating your performance and confirming your 120 hour requirement was met (Survey will be delivered directly to Supervisor)

*As an HTM concentration you are currently required to complete a non-credit internship and do not need to take the HMT 444 course.  However, you may choose to take the course; it will count as a general elective credit.  If you are interested in pursuing this option, please contact Professor Clement to ensure approval.