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John C. Crotts, Ph. D., is a Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management in the School of Business at the College of Charleston located in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Prior to this position, he lectured in the Advanced Business Programme on tourism subjects at Otago University, New Zealand and was Director of the Center for Tourism Research and Development at the University of Florida. His research encompasses the areas of economic psychology, sales and negotiation strategy, and the management of cooperative alliances.  He also serves as the North American Editor of Tourism Management and as a Research Fellow at the Institute for Services Research at Virginia Tech.

Dr. Crotts is an active consultant with both large and small organizations most recently including Hyatt North America, Starbucks, the South Carolina Ports Authority, Michigan Ports Authority, US Department of Energy, and the cities of Grand Island, LA and Charleston, SC.

Educated at Appalachian State, Minnesota State, and the University of Oregon, John earned a Ph. D. in Leisure Studies and Services from the University of Oregon in 1989.  His recent continuing education includes certifications on teaching negotiations from Harvard University (2019, 2015, 2014) and Northwestern University (2011).


University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
Ph.D., Leisure Studies and Services, 1989

Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina
Ed.S., Higher Education, 1987

Mankato State University, Mankata, Minnesota
M.S., Experiential Education, 1979

Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina
B.A., Sociology, 1976

Research Interests

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Economic Psychology
  • Sales and Marketing

Courses Taught

  • Hospitality sales and negotiations
  • Service operations management
  • Negotiations: Principles and practices

Honors and Awards

  • 140+ academic publications in the form of journal articles, books and book chapters
  • Fulbright Senior Scholar 2010-2015
  • Since 2003, generated more than $300,000 in sponsored research; obtained $1,175,000 in program support; and awarded three US patents.



Journal Articles (refereed)

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Chapters in Books

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Sponsored Research

Vince Magnini and John Crotts (2017-2018).  An assessment of the economic contribution of the Michigan State Ports Authority.  Michigan State Ports Authority.

John Crotts (2018). Evaluation of Venice Beach as a tourist attraction. The Estate of Alice Gruppioni versus the City of Los Angeles.

John Crotts (2017).  Assessing property owners’ willingness to pay for improved parks and recreation amenities: A willingness to pay survey. City of Saluda, NC and the Virginia Tech University Service Research Institute.

Bing Pan and John Crotts (2014-15).  An assessment of resident attitudes towards tourism.  Department of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability, City of Charleston.

John Crotts (2015).  Evaluation of the sales practices of Festiva timeshare resorts.  State of Maine vs. Zealander Holdings, Inc.

John Crotts (2014). Quantifying the economic impact of a proposed arts guild incubator on Lancaster County.  City of Lancaster, SC,.Part of a larger grant funded by the US Department of Agriculture, Rural Business Enterprise Grant.

John Crotts (2015). Managing disputes and conflicts in workplace. 2015 Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Winter Leadership School, Dec 18-19.

John Crotts (2013).  Negotiating win-win outcomes. Selective Service Board- Officer Training Academy, Srinagar, Uttarakhand, India, May 7.

Scott Walker, Peyton Mason, and John Crotts (2013). Social media mining of traveler reviews to determine perceptions of Hyatt and key competition.  Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, North America.

Michael Wolfe and John Crotts (2012-13).  The economic impact of the BP Oil Spill on Grand Isle and Lafitte, LA.  Townships of Grand Island and Lafitte, and the Colvin Law Firm, $12,000.

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John Crotts (2010).  Feasibility study of a cold war museum: A willingness to pay survey.  Barnwell, SC: US Department of Energy- Savannah River Site.