Hospitality and Tourism Management Academic Programs

HTMT Major

Faculty in this department deliver high-quality education in hospitality management, supported by a progressive series of practical, applied and experiential learning opportunities that take place in one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. Students learn to be guest focused, ethical, innovative, globally aware and computer fluent. They’re also trained to be effective communicators, able to excel in the many facets of this industry. Students who major in this field can focus their coursework in hotel and resort management, food service management or events management. In addition, they can emphasize sales and marketing, human resource management or general management.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Major Requirements

HTMT Minor

Many students choose to minor in hospitality and tourism management to gain industry-specific knowledge and experience.  With a minor in hospitality and tourism management, students majoring in economics, accounting or another program outside of the School of Business will gain insight and possible career opportunities in the $4.5 trillion worldwide industry.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Minor Requirements

HTMT Concentration

A concentration in hospitality and tourism management, coupled with a business administration major, provides students with a keener insight into the industry and opens the door for a career in an exciting, high-growth field.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Concentration Requirements

Transfer Students from 2-Year South Carolina Technical Colleges 

Students who wish to transfer from a South Carolina 2-year technical college to the College of Charleston as a hospitality and tourism management major should review the following form. Please contact a HTMT faculty advisor for additional assistance and specifics for the Hospitality and Tourism Management Major.

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