Student Awards

The Fanchon Morrow Condon Outstanding Economics Student Award is given annually to the most outstanding student majoring in economics. The award was funded by former Economics Professor and Dean of the School of Business and Economics, Clarence “Chip” Condon and his mother in honor of his sister, Fanchon Morrow Condon, a 1963 graduate of the College. The recipient of the award is selected by the economics faculty based on individual achievement and demonstrated academic excellence.


2023     Andrea Kimpson, Lucas Moyon 

2022     Ethan Bain
2021     Kelly Lifchez
2020     William McEwen
2019     MacKenzie Schaich
2018     Meg Montgomery
2017     Victoria Drechsler and Elizabeth Mandell
2016     Mary Frances Zeager
2015     Daniel Mills and Pasha Sadeghian
2014     James W. Clark
2013     Dyanne Ashleigh Vaught
2012     Luca Gattoni-Celli
2011     Catherine Clancy Bryant
2010     Jamie Shafer
2009     Patricia Grant
2008     Neil Goodson
2007     Ricardo Gonzalez
2006     James Kimball, Megan Weldon, Carly Petracco and Taylor Hugh
2005     Erica Morgan
2004     Edward Timmons Pettigrew
2003     Elizabeth M. Landy
1984     Pamela Williams and Karen Catoe