Faculty and Staff Listing

Serving our students.

Here is a list of the faculty and staff who work to create the best educational experience possible for our students. Please visit department page faculty and staff listings for adjunct information.

Name E-mail Phone More info
Affonso, Lancie affonsol@cofc.edu 843.628.6357 More info
Anderson, Kelley andersonkb@cofc.edu 843.953.7634 More info
Ansari, Suanne ansarism@cofc.edu 843.953.5299 More info
Awdeh, Alicia awdehah@cofc.edu 843.953.7992 More info
Barhorst, Jennifer barhorstj@cofc.edu 843.953.4810 More info
Benson, George bensong@cofc.edu  843.953.1356 More info
Biedova, Olga biedovao@cofc.edu 843.953.5481 More info
Blackwell, Calvin blackwellc@cofc.edu 843.953.7836 More info
Blose, Julia blosej@cofc.edu 843.953.7659 More info
Bradley, Robin bradleyre1@cofc.edu 843.953.5617 More info
Braswell, Mike braswelljm@cofc.edu 843.953.7835 More info
Bressler, Paige bresslerpd@cofc.edu 843.953.1448 More info
Brown, Seaton brownms@cofc.edu 843.953.8112 More info
Buono, Mark buonomj@cofc.edu 843.953.8212 More Info
Burbage, Jennifer burbagej@cofc.edu 843.953.4886 More info
Calcagno, Peter calcagnop@cofc.edu 843.953.4279 More info
Carrico, Alexis carricoaj@cofc.edu 843.953.2071 More info
Castle, Sarah castleso@cofc.edu 315.427.2646 More info
Chou, Chen-Huei chouc@cofc.edu 843.953.2278 More info
Clement, Jeremy clementj@cofc.edu 843.953.7992 More info
Daniels, Roger danielsr@cofc.edu 843.953.8041 More info
DeLaurell, Roxane M. delaurellr@cofc.edu 843.953.5538 More info
Frash, Robert frashr@cofc.edu 843.953.0827 More info
Futrell, Michelle FutrellM@cofc.edu 843.953.5674 More info
Gavidia, Jose gavidiaj@cofc.edu 843.953.6523 More info
Goff, Patti goffp@cofc.edu 843.953.7529 More info
Gonzalez, Marvin gonzalezm@cofc.edu 843.953.4276 More info
Gourdin, Kent gourdink@cofc.edu 843.953.5327 More info
Green, Barbara greenb@cofc.edu 843.953.7992 More info
Guo, Xiaohu guox@cofc.edu 843.953.1563 More Info
Guttentag, Daniel guttentagda@cofc.edu 843.953.2025 More info
Hassard, Stacey yanagawask@cofc.edu 843.953.4882 More info
Hefner, Frank hefnerf@cofc.edu 843.953.8111 More info
Hill, Syndia hillsd@cofc.edu 843.953.7835 More info
Hogan, Robert hoganrs@cofc.edu 843.953.7835 More info
Holloway, Sabrina holloways@cofc.edu 843.953.5481 More info
Holtz, Robert holtzrj@cofc.edu 843.953.1563 More info
Junglas, Iris junglasia@cofc.edu 843.953.6647 More info
Kilpatrick, Richard kilpatrickrl@cofc.edu 843.953.3374 More info
LeGendre, Erika enlegend@cofc.edu 843.953.7331 More info
Litvin, Steve litvins@cofc.edu 843.953.7317 More info
Liu, Hao-Chen liuh@cofc.edu 843.953.1988 More info
Madariaga, Jessica madariagajf@cofc.edu  843.953.1992 More info
Magnuson, Ron magnusonra@cofc.edu  843.953.1380 More info
Mahdikhani, Maryam mahdikhanim@cofc.edu 843.953.5481 More info
Maldonado, Beatriz maldonadobirdba@cofc.edu 843.953.5433 More info
Malm, James malmj@cofc.edu 843.953.5192 More info
Maynard, Norman maynarda@cofc.edu 843.953.8104 More info
McGrath, John mcgrathjm@cofc.edu 843.953.6565 More info
McLeod, Brumby mcleodb@cofc.edu 843.953.0735 More info
McMullen, Kristen mcmullenk@cofc.edu 843.953.5852 More info
Meena, Purushottam meenap@cofc.edu 843.953.8150 More info
Messal, Carrie Blair messalc@cofc.edu 843.953.8105 More info
Milosevic, Ivana milosevici@cofc.edu 843.953.6664 More info
Mothorpe, Christopher mothorpeca@cofc.edu 843.953.7273 More Info
Mueller, Rene muellerr@cofc.edu 843.953.5394 More info
Nishikawa, Yuka nishikaway@cofc.edu 843.953.7658 More info
Passarelli, Angela passarelliam@cofc.edu 843.953.1909 More info
Patience, Melinda patiencem@cofc.edu 843.953.1996 More info
Pelzer, Josette pelzerj@cofc.edu 843.953.7835 More info
Phillips, Amanda phillipsa2@cofc.edu 843.953.9479 More info
Pitts, Robert pittsr@cofc.edu 843.953.7359 More info
Pyles, Mark pylesm@cofc.edu 843.953.7991 More info
Quesada, Gioconda quesadag@cofc.edu 843.953.4277 More info
Rodgers, Christine rodgerscf@cofc.edu 843.953.3902 More info
Saboe, Karen saboeke@cofc.edu  843.953.8056 More info
Schwager, Paul schwagerph@cofc.edu 843.953.4882 More info
Shah, Esta shahed@cofc.edu  843.953.8036 More info
Shaver, Kelly shaverk@cofc.edu 843.953.2276 More info
Shao, Alan Shaoa@cofc.edu More info
Smith, Hayden smithhl1@cofc.edu 843.953.5852 More info
Snyder, Marcia snyderm@cofc.edu 843.953.1857 More info
Soyeh, Kenneth soyehkw@cofc.edu 843.953.4818 More info
Spade, Thomas spadetm@cofc.edu 843.953.1066 More info
Stephens, Wendy stephensw@cofc.edu 843.953.1499 More info
Stewart, Jerome stewartj4@cofc.edu 843.953.5580 More info
Swalley, Adam swalleyad@cofc.edu 843.953.7996 More info
Tazkarji, Mohamed tazkarjim@cofc.edu 843.953.5955 More info
Teixeira, Rafael teixeirar@cofc.edu 843.953.1052 More info
Tribou, Kimberly triboukj@cofc.edu 843.953.4656 More info
VanDenburgh, William vandenburghbm@cofc.edu 843.953.1066 More info
Walker, Douglas walkerd@cofc.edu 843.953.8192 More info
Wang, Weishen wangw@cofc.edu 843.953.0887 More info
Werkheiser, Cory werkheiserc@cofc.edu 843.953.5852 More info
Witte, Mark wittem@cofc.edu 843.953.3986 More info
Wyman, Dave wymandm@cofc.edu 843.953.5181 More info
Xie, Henry xiey@cofc.edu 843.953.6658 More info
Xu, Luqi 'Emma' xul@cofc.edu 843.953.4486 More Info
Xu, Yin xuy1@cofc.edu 843.943.8039 More info