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The following minors are available for business students and other students outside of the School of Business. Please check which minors are available for your major.

Business Administration

Students majoring in economics or another major outside of the School of Business are welcome to pursue a minor in business administration. The minor will complement your studies by providing further business skills and knowledge in accounting, organizational behavior, decision sciences and marketing.

Requires 24 credit hours
Required: ACCT 203 and ECON 201
Electives: 6 courses(18 hours) from 300-400 level courses in the School of business;no more than 6 credit hours selected from 200, 300 and 400 level accounting or economics courses.

Note: 100-level courses, special topics (courses numbered 360), and independent study (courses numbered 420) will not count toward the minor and a maximum of 3 credit hours of business travel study courses may be used toward the minor.


Strengthen your liberal arts and sciences education with a minor in economics. It draws upon your interdisciplinary areas of study including history, philosophy, mathematics, physics, political science, sociology and psychology.

With an economics minor, you will examine logical, orderly ways of analyzing topics such as poverty, unemployment, economic growth, government policy, pollution, consumer behavior and business decisions.

Students majoring in business administration, accounting, hospitality and tourism management or another major outside of the School of Business are eligible to pursue a minor in economics.

Requires 18 credit hours Required: ECON 200 and 201
Electives: DSCI 232 and 3 courses (12 hours) from 300-400 level ECON courses -or- 4 courses (16 hours) from 300-400 level ECON courses


A minor in finance will provide a top-level view of financial management, international financial markets, personal finance and other aspects of the financial industry. It will enhance your major in accounting, economics, hospitality and tourism management or other studies outside of the School of Business.

Requires 18 credit hours
Required: FINC 303* and FINC 410
Electives: 4 courses (12 hours) selected from 300-400 level FINC or REAL courses or ECON 305.

*ACCT 203, ACCT 204, ECON 200, and ECON 201 are prerequisites for FINC 303 

Note: No more than 6 hours from REAL courses and no more than 3 hours from FINC 420, FINC 444, or FINC 499 may be used toward the minor.

Global Logistics and Transportation

A minor in glogal logistics and transportation will provide students with important insights into the international trade and technology that connect companies in different countries and different hemispheres. This minor can enhance studies in international business, economics, finance, hospitality and tourism management, political science and beyond.  Learn more about the program details and required study abroad trip. 

This minor begins in fall semester of junior year and requires application spring semester of sophomore year – please see program director

Requires 18 credit hours
Required courses taken sequentially: TRAN 311; TRAN 312; ECON 303; INTB 322; TRAN 431; TRAN 432 

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Many students choose to minor in hospitality and tourism management to gain industry-specific knowledge and experience. With a minor in hospitality and tourism management, students majoring in economics, accounting or another program outside of the School of Business will gain insight and possible career opportunities in the $4.5 trillion worldwide industry.

Requires 18 hours credit hours
Required: ACCT 203, ECON 201*, and HTMT 210
Electives: At least 9 credit hours from HTMT courses at or above the 300 level. A non-credit internship (generally completed during the senior year) is required of all students in the minor.

*Note: ECON 200 is a pre-requisite for ECON 201. 

Leadership, Change and Social Responsibility

Students from different majors across the College of Charleston have the option to enroll in the minor in leadership, change, and social responsibility. This minor serves as an enhancement for almost any degree, and there are numerous careers that would benefit from this minor. In fact, the minor helps students be more successful in teamwork essential in today's marketplace while engaging students in the necessary critical thinking that will help prepare them for future leadership roles.

For a complete description of the minor and how you can benefit, download the Leadership, Change and Social Responsibility flyer.

Requires 18 credit hours
Required: MGMT 301 and MGMT 345
Electives: MGMT 332, MGMT 350, MGMT 401, MGMT 403 and 3 credit hours from MGMT 360, MGMT 420, MGMT 444 with no more than 3 hours from the following: special topics, independent study or internships

Real Estate

A real estate minor prepares students for an exciting career in commercial real estate by providing them with the ready-to-work skills and opportunities to succeed, including valuation tools, networking with industry leaders, professional development events, advising, and internship opportunities. Graduates will have a variety of career paths to choose in the industry ranging from investment analysis to development to asset management. Learn more about the program.

Requires 18 credit hoursRequired:  REAL 310 and REAL 410Electives:  At least 3 credit hours from the following:  REAL 376, REAL 380, and REAL 444.  And no more than 9 credit hours from the following:  Any REAL course at the 300 level and above, ECON 307, ECON 311, ENTR 320, HPCP 319, POLI 305, and URST 310

Note:  All pre-requisites for business and economics courses must be met.  FINC 303 is a pre-requisite for most upper-level real estate courses.

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