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Whether you're confused about which core classes to take, how to receive course credit for an internship or which career path you want to follow when you graduate, the Student Success Center offers services that will help you navigate the transition from the classroom to the boardroom.

Dean's Student Forum meeting in the SSC.To stay on track academically, it is important to use various worksheets such as your DegreeWorks Degree Audit and Critical Path. All of upper level business courses have pre-requisites and missing a step can set a student back a semester. So, stay informed, stay advised and ask questions!

Just as there is a recommended schedule for coursework, there is a recommended schedule for laying the groundwork for your professional future.  Engage the Student Success Center in your job search. The staff can help you plan ahead, advise on researching your target companies and aid in developing a competitive resume. One proven way to boost your competitive position is through  a relevant internship . Make sure to attend our workshops and events to help you connect with industry professionals. 

Stop in, say hello and browse through our resources, trade magazines, job postings and tip sheets to help you stay on track and remain competitive.

5 Liberty Street, Beatty Center, Suite 100
Open Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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