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2019 Schottland Scholars

2019 Schottland Scholars in Rochester, NY 


Schottland Scholars is a prestigious leadership program designed for highly motivated business students. The program aims to connect scholars to business and organizational leaders who have made a difference not only in their businesses but in the community as well.  Each year a small group of approximately ten School of Business seniors are selected to become Schottland Scholars after undergoing a rigorous application and interview process. The program provides the Scholars with opportunities to build relationships with business leaders and mentors, including Schottland alumni, in a variety of professional and networking engagements throughout the course of the year. The Schottland Scholars program hopes to inspire and resource the next generation of business leaders.


For the scholars to develop skills to become outstanding in the areas of ethical awareness, global awareness, problem solving, and effective communication so that they will succeed in becoming future business leaders.

Full Program Curriculum

The Scholars participate in activities throughout the school year including:

  • Dinner and Organizational Site Visits: Scholars take part in dinner meetings and site visits between 12-15 times during each academic semester; meetings typically feature leaders of Charleston’s largest and most impactful organizations, such as Charleston Regional Development Alliance, InterTech, CACVB, AstenJohnson, Santee Cooper, Urban Electric, Water Mission, and more.
  • Mentor Program: Each scholar is paired with a mentor in the field they are interested in pursuing or with the expertise they may need as they graduate; alumni mentor relationships are also fostered and supported throughout the year.
  • Tour of Organizations: At the onset of each semester, the Schottland Scholars take two all-expense paid trips to thriving business centers to meet with companies who are leaders in their respective industries. This provides an opportunity for the Scholars to meet and network with business leaders. Former destinations include, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Rochester, NY and more. 
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  • Skills Assessment and Development Program
  • Oral and Written Skill Development
  • Business Etiquette Training
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