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School Mission and Goals

Mission Statement 

The School of Business provides a quality education for its students by ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills and experiences to effectively and responsibly address business challenges.

Learning Goals

COMMUNICATION SKILLS:  Students demonstrate the ability, via both written and spoken word, to effectively present, critique, and defend ideas in a cogent, persuasive manner.

QUANTITATIVE FLUENCY:  Students demonstrate competency in logical reasoning and data analysis skills.

GLOBAL AND CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY:  Students identify and define social, ethical, environmental and economic challenges at local, national and international levels.  Students integrate knowledge and skills in addressing these issues.

INTELLECTUAL INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY:  Students demonstrate their resourcefulness and originality in addressing extemporaneous problems.

SYNTHESIS:  Students integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines incorporating learning from both classroom and non-classroom settings in the completion of complex and comprehensive tasks.

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