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School Mission and Goals

Mission Statement 

The School of Business serves our state, region, and the global business world by educating socially responsible graduates through practical undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, and by advancing the development of our community of scholars in their intellectual pursuits.  As an AACSB accredited business school with dual accreditation in accounting and business, we fulfill this Mission by:
  • Engaging diverse students in personalized educational experiences that encourage a global mindset, inspire creativity and innovation, and developing leadership skills in preparation for business challenges and opportunities.
  • Building a globally oriented faculty whose teaching, research, and service influence students, the business community, and other constituents.

Learning Goals

COMMUNICATION SKILLS:  Students demonstrate the ability, via both written and spoken word, to effectively present, critique, and defend ideas in a cogent, persuasive manner.

QUANTITATIVE FLUENCY:  Students demonstrate competency in logical reasoning and data analysis skills.

GLOBAL AND CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY:  Students identify and define social, ethical, environmental and economic challenges at local, national and international levels.  Students integrate knowledge and skills in addressing these issues.

INTELLECTUAL INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY:  Students demonstrate their resourcefulness and originality in addressing extemporaneous problems.

SYNTHESIS:  Students integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines incorporating learning from both classroom and non-classroom settings in the completion of complex and comprehensive tasks.

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