New Scholarships Blaze Trails for School of Business Students

Every year, hundreds of underclassmen “dabble” in business classes, gaining exposure to concepts, and then moving on. As a result, terrific business talent has been redirected to other degrees.

Until now, that is. Thanks to two new scholarships funded by two School of Business alumni, freshmen and rising sophomores will be supported in their pursuit of business degrees.

These first-of-their-kind scholarships will help more students become business majors early in their CofC careers. That early decision will lead to more on-campus networking, professional development, and learning opportunities.

“We are excited that both of these scholarships will help to ensure that ambitious business students are brought closer to the School’s many opportunities for assistance and professional growth,” said Alan T. Shao, dean of the School of Business.

The Warren Capital Scholarship

Joe Warren ’97 and his wife, Lara, started The Warren Capital Scholarship to provide an incoming freshman with a four-year, full tuition scholarship.

Warren is the CEO of Warren Capital Group, a wealth management firm he founded in 2005 following eight years with Morgan Stanley. Warren has been a dedicated donor and employer of School of Business talent, and wanted to give back to his alma mater in a new way.

“We wanted to create something that would help attract the best and brightest to attend the College of Charleston and immediately engage in the School of Business.” said Warren.

The Warren Capital Scholarship is the School of Business’s first-ever freshman-to-senior year full-tuition scholarship.  Joe and Lara designed the scholarship in partnership with Dean Alan Shao and the members of the School of Business Dean’s Student Forum, with the intention of promoting the value of maximizing learning through engaging and involvement in the School of Business’s student opportunities.

The inaugural Warren Capital Scholar is Sophie Forstein ’18 from Simpsonville, SC.    

A “Ready-to-Work” Scholarship

Richard Maclean ’88 believes in the School of Business’ “Ready to Work” theme and wants to be a catalyst for students with business-oriented ambitions to get started toward a business major early. That is why the founder and managing partner of Frontier Capital created a scholarship for an ambitious business major this academic year.

Richard MacleanAs a School of Business alumnus and past scholarship donor, Maclean was looking for a new, strategic way to stay involved with current business students. By declaring majors early, he believes students will maximize their time on campus while actively working towards a degree.

Maclean created a scholarship to help support in-state business majors from their sophomore – senior years, provided that they declare a business school major by the start of their sophomore year.  It is the first-ever scholarship that the School of Business will offer specifically to rising sophomore applicants.

“The School of Business places a premium on students gaining hands-on business experience.  The curriculum, professors and student organizations push students to strive for the best,” said Maclean. “By supporting a talented student early, we ensure they take full advantage of those opportunities.”  

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