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The Office of Tourism Analysis of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTMT) is implementing a series of research programs and disseminating relevant information to decision-makers and stakeholders in the Lowcountry’s hospitality and tourism industry. Consistent with the mission of the School of Business, this effort aims to better serve the economic interests and vitality of the region by engaging faculty and students with applied research in the community and region. Through the unique learning relationships inherent in executing these projects, the intent is to enhance the university experience for students and faculty. Aligning faculty research priorities to pressing community issues will not only serve our local community and enhance the influence of the College, but the subsequent publications in academic journals will also expand the reputation of the College as a community of scholars.

 The study of hospitality and tourism is explored as a business sector as well as a social and economic phenomenon. As an interdisciplinary field, it draws from and is impacted by such diverse fields as economics, public policy, planning, technology, management and marketing. To support and further develop these linkages, it is anticipated that five (5) sponsored research awards will be provided to College of Charleston School of Business faculty members that support the aforementioned principles of the Office of Tourism Analysis.  Revenues generated from the Department’s continuing education programs and fixed contracts with the industry provide the necessary funding for these projects. The conditions for the awards are:

1. Research support provided usually will not exceed $2,000 for each project;

2. Each faculty member can only submit one application;

3. The deadline for the application is February 15, 2012;

4. The awards cannot be used toward faculty salary or stipend. Student workers, data and software purchases, and external contract services are acceptable;

5. The leading faculty member is expected to submit a report or manuscript by September 1, 2012.

Herein provides the guidelines in which research proposals should be submitted and will subsequently be evaluated. A panel of researchers will evaluate the proposal based on the project’s significance to the tourism field and local industry, benefit to faculty members and the College, and likelihood of success. Collaboration with at least one faculty member from the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management is highly encouraged.


The project summary should be written in terms that are clear to evaluators who are not specialists in the discipline. The evaluation committee will consist of the Director of the Office of Tourism Analysis and one representative from the local industry/community of which the proposed project impacts or has relevance.

Describe the research project under the following steps in the Proposal Narrative, which should not exceed two single-spaced pages (excluding references and appendix). The proposal should include the following sections:

a. Project title: researcher names, rank and department affiliation. Attach each researcher’s full vitae as an appendix to the proposal.

b. Include a description of the research objectives, methods, and significance of the project from an applied standpoint. It should be understandable to academic colleagues who are not experts in the field.

c. Include a description of the theory/concepts that the project is based upon indicating its significance from an academic standpoint.

d. Include a description of the expected results and/or impact.

e. Indicate the willingness of the researchers to communicate the results and practical consequence in a final research report (and if called upon a presentation) to community and industry leaders.

f. Discuss the academic journal publications that will likely be produced from the research including the names of targeted journals.

g. Include a timetable for the project.

h. Include a statement as to what support is needed from the Office of Tourism Analysis to complete the project.

i. State the current support already obtained for this project, listing both College and external sources of support and the amounts awarded. If there is current support, please explain why it does not cover the expenses for which you now seek assistance.

j. Provide an itemized budget clearly stating and justifying the necessity and cost of each item. Budgets may include items in such categories as student salary, personnel (e.g., secretarial or student assistance), travel, equipment, supplies, and duplicating.


Proposals are due February 15, 2012 for projects conducted in the spring and summer of 2012. Address your proposal Faculty Research Support to Office of Tourism Analysis, 315 Beatty Center or email Dr. Bing Pan at


If you have questions, contact Dr. Pan at 953-2025 or

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