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Current Faculty Research Fellows

The 2017-2018 Faculty Research Fellows are Jen Baker, David Desplaces, Guoli Liu, Steve Litvin, Chris Mothorpe, Matt Nowlin, Jordan Ragusa, and Wayne Smith.

Jen Baker

Jen Baker is an Associate Professor of Philosophy. She earned her Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Arizona. She has taught at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. She teaches courses on ethical and political theory, environmental ethics and philosophy, business ethics, bioethics, and American philosophy. Her research is on virtue ethics, and she looks to ancient ethical theories as positive examples of how ethics ought to be done today. She considers herself a Stoic, and despite this has three children. Faculty Page

David Desplaces, Ph.D. and CGBP, is passionate about helping students reach their full potential and prepare for the "borderless business world" that we work in today.  As an associate professor of global commerce and entrepreneurship, Dr. Desplaces believes that applied learning opportunities are the pathway to every student's future success and he works tirelessly to create valuable experiences for our students.  Dr. Desplaces' published research examines the geographical implications of the success and failure of new business ventures and franchises and continues to research the impact and importance of educational practices (especially distance education) on business ethics education. His current research project looks at the relationship between venture funding, economic freedom and other policy factors related to regional economic development and policy. Faculty Page

David Desplaces
Guoli Liu

Guoli Liu is Professor of Political Science at the College of Charleston.  His main teaching and research areas are comparative politics, governance innovation, and international relations with a focus on East Asia and the United States. He is the author of States and Markets: Comparing Japan and Russia, Politics and Government in China, and China Rising: Chinese Foreign Policy in a Changing World. Faculty Page

Steve Litvin is Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management. His main areas of interest are tourism consumer behavior and tourism impacts.  He is very active advising on local Charleston tourism issues.  His main teaching focus is tourism marketing.  As a researcher, Litvin was recently ranked  (Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, Park et al. 2011) the number seven most productive researcher in the world (third in the USA), based upon research published in high-level tourism journals during the first decade of the new century. Litvin earned his undergraduate degree from Bentley College and an MBA is from Babson College.  Academia is Litvin’s third career.  He is a CPA, having practiced with international accounting firms both as an auditor and as a consultant.  He followed this with a successful career in the travel and tourism industry, first as a financial comptroller with New England’s largest travel agency/tour company, and then as an entrepreneur, starting and building his own company in Phoenix, AZ before selling to a New York Stock Exchange company, with which he then took on a management role.  This was followed by a move to academia.  Litvin began teaching at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he lived for eight years.  During his time in Singapore, Litvin earned his Doctor of Business Administration degree from the University of South Australia’s International Graduate School of Management.  He returned to the USA in 2001 to join the School of Business at the College of Charleston. Faculty Page

Steve Litvin
Chris Mothorpe

Chris Mothorpe is an Assistant Professor of Economics. Prior to being appointed to the faculty of the College, he earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Georgia State University, a Master of Science in Economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His primary field of research is urban economics focusing on the evaluation of spatial amenities and the impact of change in the level of or access to public goods. His current research focuses on the impact of changes in transportation infrastructure and inter-jurisdictional competition for land. Faculty Page

Matthew Nowlin joined the Department of Political Science in August of 2013. His research and teaching interests are in Public Policy with a particular interest in the policymaking process, environmental policy, and energy policy. He offers courses in American Government, Public Policy, and Environmental Policy. He also offers courses in the Masters of Environmental Studies Program. Faculty Page

Matt Nowlin
Jordan Ragusa

Jordan Ragusa is an Associate Professor of Political Science. Dr. Ragusa’s research focuses on the U.S. Congress, with specific interests on the effect(s) of political parties, polarization, and legislative organization on roll-call behavior and the policymaking process.  His published work also includes research on the presidency, congressional and presidential elections, political behavior, and political economy.  His research has appeared in the journals Political Research QuarterlyAmerican Politics ResearchPolitical Science QuarterlyJournal of Political Science, and the Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties.  Dr. Ragusa is currently at work on a book on repeals in Congress (with Nate Birkhead, Kansas State University).  Using an original database of all major repeals from 1877 to 2012, the book seeks to answer the question of when and why repeals happen. In addition to being a research fellow in the Center for Public Choice and Market Process, Dr. Ragusa also directs College's American Politics Research Team and is a columnist for the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group at LegBranch.comFaculty Page

Wayne Smith is the Chair and an Associate Professor in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the College of Charleston. He is a specialist in consumer behavior in relation to sponsorship and travel decision-making. Since coming to the College in 2006, his goal has been to help students become critical thinkers and good decision makers in their chosen fields. Wayne received his Ph.D. from Wilfrid Laurier University and has worked as a consultant assisting destinations to develop tourism master and strategic plans.  Faculty Page

Wayne Smith
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