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The Center for Public Choice & Market Process is funded by BB&T and the Koch Foundation and is designed to examine and stimulate discussion of the following topics:

  • The role of government institutions in a capitalist society
  • The relationship between government and the individual
  • The relationship between political and economic freedom
  • The moral structure of a free market economy

The success of the Center for Public Choice & Market Process depends on the support of foundations and private individuals who share its commitment to advancing the understanding and appreciation of the system of free minds and free markets.

We are deeply grateful to all who support our venture.

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Spring 2017

Our 9th Annual Adam Smith Week held on March 19-24, 2017 was a great success. This year we saw a record turnout during Adam Smith Week, as more than 800 students, faculty, staff, and community members participated in ten events during six days. We were fortunate to bring to campus speakers who presented on a variety of topics from etiquette and experimental economics to the roles of entrepreneurs, the morality of the market, immigration issues, and career advice. Common to these workshops, panel discussions and public talks was Adam Smith and his views on political economy. Our speakers included Candace Smith, Vernon Smith, Bart Wilson, Virgil Storr, Sahar Akhtar, Dwight Lee, and Tori Schallot, Tom Dugan, Dave Seamans and Jamie Johnson were College of Charleston’s alumni.

This year we had the honor of hosting Dr. Vernon Smith, the 2002 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, who participated in a panel discussion on Experimental Economics, along with Calvin Blackwell (College of Charleston) and Bart Wilson (Chapman University). We were excited to greet our honored guests at the reception with the economics faculty, alumni and administration. Dean Shao, Colby Rankin, Kendra Conway, and Denise Ciccarelli helped organize the reception and Center’s business advisor John Cerasuolo became the official host offering kind remarks about his involvement with the Center.

Dwight Lee and Center’s Director Peter Calcagno engaged the students in a discussion about Adam Smith following the showing of the documentary The Real Adam Smith. 

We gladly welcomed our partners who helped us co-sponsor Adam Smith Week events - the Bastiat Society, the Young Americans for Liberty, and the Institute for Humane Studies. And our Market Process Scholars - David Ahnen, Nick Catherall, Taylor Crawford, Elizabeth Mandell, Meg Montgomery, Katherine Lawson, and Liz Ward - were instrumental during all the events. They greeted and introduced the speakers to the audience, helped with attendance cards, prepared summaries of events and renamed engaged during the talks by asking insightful questions.

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Past Events

April 5, 2017

Panel Discussion with Brian Norris (Citadel), Stephen Gilchrist (SC African-American Chamber of Commerce) and Susan Dunn (American Civil Liberties Union) "Economic Impact of Police & Civilian Hostile Interactions." Co-sponsored by the Bastiat Society.

March 19-24, 2017 - Adam Smith Week

Etiquette Seminars  “Socializing at Professional and Networking Events" and “Presenting Your Best Self" led by Candace Smith.

Panel discussion "From A to V: Experimenting with the Theory of Moral Sentiments." Bart Wilson (Chapman University), Vernon Smith (Chapman University), and Calvin Blackwell (College of Charleston).

Bart Wilson (Chapman University) "Adam Smith in the 21st Century Lab."

Virgil Storr (George Mason University) "Entrepreneurship and Community Revival in the Wake of Disaster."

Virgil Storr (George Mason University) "Can Markets be Defended on Social and Moral Grounds?"

Movie and discussion with Dwight Lee (The Independent Institute) and Peter Calcagno (College of Charleston) "The Real Adam Smith."

Sahar Akhtar (University of Virginia) "Why Religious and Racial Immigration Bans are Wrong."

Dwight Lee (The Independent Institute) "Market Skeptics are Hard to Please: Can Adam Smith Help?" Co-sponsored by the Bastiat Society.

Panel discussion with Calvin Blackwell (College of Charleston) and CofC Economics Alumni "Why Major in Economics?"

February 4, 2017

Weekend Reading Seminar "The Economics of Immigration" with Professor Alex Padilla

February 3, 2017

Public talk by  Alex Padilla (Metropolitan University of Denver) "Barbarians at the Gate: Did Immigrants Deteriorate the US Institutions?" Part of Weekend Reading Seminar.

September 28, 2016
Bryan Caplan's public talk (George Mason University) "A Radical Case for Open Borders." Part of BB&T Speaker Series.

September 16-17, 2016
Weekend Exploring Liberty "Classical Liberal Perspectices in Law, Philosophy, and Economics." Panels led by Michael D. Thomas (Creighton University), John Hasnas (Georgetown University), and Mark LeBar (Florida State University). Co-sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies.

September 15, 2016
John Hasnas' (Georgetown University) public talk "The First Amendment Doesn’t Guarantee the Right to Freedom of Speech"

March 21, 2016
Michelle Vachris' talk "Pride and Profit: The Intersection of Jane Austen and Adam Smith"

March 22, 2016
Chris Coyne and Chris Day's roundtable on political economy of conflict
Chris Coyne's talk "What Can Adam Smith Teach Us About Foreign Intervention?” (co-sponsored by the Bastiat Society)

March 23
, 2016
Carl Schramm, Kelly Shaver, and David Wyman's panel discussion "Entrepreneurship in Practice." Co-sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship.
Carl Schramm's talk "The Entrepreneur in the Eyes of Adam Smith." Co-sponsored by Young Americans for Liberty.

March 24
, 2016  
Alex Tabarrok's guest lecture "See the Invisible Hand"
Alex Tabarrok's talk "What's Democracy Good For? Voting Paradoxes & the Theory of Democracy"

March 25, 2016
Alumni Panel Discussion "What can you do with an economics major?"

February 11, 2016
Mike Munger's guest lecture "Tomorrow 3.0: The Transaction Cost Revolution" as part of BB&T Free Market Process Series.

February 16, 2016

Sean Mullholland's guest lecture on minimum wage and income mobility.

October 14, 2015

Randy Simmons'  talk on free market environmentalism as an approach to dealing with environmental problems.

October 9, 2015 

Adam Martin's public talk "Voice, Exit, and the Meaning of Democracy." Part of the  Weekend Reading Symposium co-sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies.

October 9-11, 2015

The Reading Symposium "From Federalism to Public Choice" brought together 35 students who participated in in-depth discussions classical works on free society. Co-sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies.

September 18-19, 2015

Weekend Exploring Liberty Seminar. Co-sponsored by Institute for Humane Studies.


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