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Center for Public Choice and Market Process

The Center for Public Choice & Market Process is funded by BB&T and the Koch Foundation and is designed to examine and stimulate discussion of the following topics:

  • The role of government institutions in a capitalist society
  • The relationship between government and the individual
  • The relationship between political and economic freedom
  • The moral structure of a free market economy

The success of the Center for Public Choice & Market Process depends on the support of foundations and private individuals who share its commitment to advancing the understanding and appreciation of the system of free minds and free markets.

We are deeply grateful to all who support our venture.

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Our vision is for free speech, open inquiry, and intellectual diversity to flourish on the College of Charleston campus; for all College of Charleston students to have an opportunity to study and explore the ideas of an economically and politically free society; and create a growing community of fellows to research and teach the principles and practice of freedom.


The Center for Public Choice and Market Process advances the understanding of the economic, political, and moral foundations of a free market economy. The Center supports the growth and development of teaching and research at the College of Charleston School of Business while engaging students and the greater Charleston business community.


To achieve our mission, the Center sponsors a number of programs:

Free Market Speaker Series

Student Development - Market Process Scholars

Faculty Research

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