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Globalization and international trade are key drivers of our national and state economies. In 2011, an estimated 28% of all manufacturing employees in South Carolina depended on exports for their jobs, the 3rd highest share in the US and well above the US avarage of 20% of manufacturing employees. The state exported $24.6 billion in goods and services to 198 countries in 2011, up 21% from the level of 2010. With more than 80 percent of trade taking place outside U.S. borders, however, continued economic development depends upon improving international skills in the business community and in creating an awareness of the globalization of our economy.

The School of Business offers one of only a handful of undergraduate degrees in international business in the Southeast. This is the degree most commonly held by entry level corporate managers. Indeed, the College of Charleston is the largest provider of undergraduate international business and foreign language degrees in South Carolina. Its graduates, many of whom stay in the region after commencement, are key to the development of an internationally-skilled workforce.

A key role of the Global Business Resource Center (GBRC) is the continued development of international education opportunities so students may gain the necessary international business skills, cross-cultural experience and foreign language proficiencies needed to compete effectively in today's globalized economy. To help ensure that the international business knowledge conveyed in the classroom is up-to-date and relevant, the GBRC also supports faculty development and international business research.

The GBRC is housed in the College of Charleston's School of Business. Located in the beautiful, historic center of this important port city, the GBRC is situated in the heart of the international trade community. Top-notch facilities at the Beatty and Tate Centers provide an ideal venue for international trade seminars, workshops and lectures geared toward students, faculty and/or members of the business community.

The GBRC continues to build upon longstanding relationships with the SC International Trade Coalition, Charleston Women in International Trade, the SC State Ports Authority, the SC Department of Commerce, World Trade Center - Charleston, the ExIm Bank City/State partnership and other international trade organizations to expand international trade education and assistance to mid-career professionals. The GBRC is the first organization in the state to offer the NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional credential prorgram and training seminars. Since 2008, the GBRC and the Charleston Women in International Trade has established a mentoring program that matches School of Business students with global trade and logistics professionals in mutually beneficial relationships and continues to host workshops connecting students with working professionals.

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