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Finance. Economics. Business. Urban Studies. Communication. Where do all these fields intersect? In the realm of real estate.

If you’re curious about the built environment, and want to work in an area where you’ll analyze trends, synthesize data and understand markets, check out the real estate minor at the College of Charleston. Our program prepares students for long-term career success with a curriculum built around the three integrated markets and functions that comprise the commercial real estate system: real estate use, real estate assets and real estate development. Understanding the way individuals and companies in these areas go about making business decisions is crucial for a successful career in this industry.

›› Ours is one of only three undergraduate real estate programs offered in South Carolina.

›› Courses offered include real estate investment analysis, real estate market analysis, supply chain management and hospitality and tourism.

›› The Carter Real Estate Center serves as the heart of the program, providing students with real-world experiences and influential connections.

›› Charleston offers a unique, living learning laboratory for commercial real estate with every kind of project – from large retail and manufacturing developments to small, boutique ventures featuring infill and mixed-use projects.

Students in our program work closely with professors and local professionals who bring their own experiences to the classroom. Internships, research projects and independent studies are an important part of the student experience, and the Carter Real Estate Center serves as a vital nexus between the classroom and the industry. In addition, members of the student-run Real Estate Club set up one-on-one meetings with area professionals – from industrial developers and management executives to real estate agents and brokers. Field trips enable students to visit on-site projects and professionals.

So, if you want strong preparation in a field that requires a working knowledge of economics, historic preservation, finance, communication, urban geography and more, check out real estate. It’s not just for business majors.

A real estate minor prepares students for an exciting career in commercial real estate. Our goal is to prepare graduates for long-term career success.  Graduates have a variety of career paths to choose in the industry including specialty areas such as:

  • Investment analysis
  • Financing
  • Market analysis and research
  • Consulting/advising
  • Brokerage and leasing
  • Development and redevelopment
  • Valuation
  • Asset/portfolio analysis and management
  • Legal affairs
  • Regulation and management in government agencies

The real estate curriculum is built around the framework of the "commercial real estate system" which consists of three integrated markets and functions.  Understanding the three components of the commercial real estate system and how the participants in each component make their business decisions is crucial to a successful career in the commercial real estate industry.

The Carter Real Estate Center links students with the outside real estate community as a means of expanding students' learning experiences beyond the classroom.  Contact Dr. Elaine Worzala, director of the Carter Real Estate Center, at for more information on the requirements for a concentration or minor in commercial real estate.

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