grainFamily System

Communication, conflict, self-awareness, self-management and empathy are a challenge in the workplace. When the workplace and the family place collide, it can become intense. Where do you turn? First, to the basics. Our Family Dynamics Anchors course focuses on the basic psychology of family systems, providing a toolkit of skills to navigate challenging family dynamics. From there, you’ll take part in our Family Dynamics Self Evolution course where you’ll explore the self in the context of your family and the various roles you play within the family enterprise. Explore identity and family, ego and family, productive conflict styles and how to build trust and consensus building. 

familyFamily Governance 

As a family business moves from the founder stage to a diverse ownership group, establishing a well-functioning governance model is a critical first step. Whether you’re creating a board for the first time or evolving an existing board, implementing good governance is integral to family enterprise legacy. Our Governance System course covers the foundational elements of strong family governance. The second course, Governance Innovation, looks outside the realm of traditional family governance and seeks to explore what could and should be different. No two family enterprises are the same; no two family governance models should or will be the same.

charlestonFamily Business

Innovation, agility and continuity are critical determinants of success in 21st century family businesses. Disruptive technologies are propelling family enterprises to think differently. Our first course, Family Business Anchors, challenges you to examine your enterprise and assess its family business operations, talent management, leadership, marketing and continuity strategies. The second course, Revolutions, pushes your design-thinking capabilities, challenging existing norms and paradigms. Change is the name of the game — leave knowing that you are an agent for change.