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Core Knowledge Area 2: Global Marketing

Global Marketing 

Manage, imlement, coordinate and /or assist with marketing, including planning, sales, research and support functions to assess customer needs; evaluate opportunities and threats on a global scale; and meet corporate needs within environmental constraints and corporate goals.

Task 2/1

Evaluate the internal and external environment (e.g., economic and physical geography, history, political environment, competitive analysis, regulatory, cultural, and technological issues), to identify potential marketing threats and opportunities.

Knowledge of:

  • Internal Resources: export readiness assessment, goals, and preferences of senior management, experiences and capabilities of employees, technical production capabilities.
  • External environment: economic and physical geography, competitive analysis, regulatory-cultural- & technological issues, pertaining to protected industries, and sectors.

Task 2/2:

Develop and implement the global marketing plan: Conduct market research in order to determine the best potential market.

Knowledge of:

  • Laws and regulations that impact the marketing plan.

Task 2/3:

After analysis of the marekt research, select products and markets to be targeted.

Knowledge of: 

  • Impact on market selection of product, price, place and promotion
  • How to find laws and regulations that impact the market selection
  • Market segmentation and demand analysis

Task 2/4:

Develop and select market strategy to maximize sales and profitability.

Knowledge of:

  • Foreign market entry methods

Task 2/5:

Develop and implement a marketing budget related to the global activities of the company. 

Knowledge of: 

  • Budgeting processes
  • Reporting requirements
  • Basic accounting procedure

Task 2/6:

Provide products and services for targeted market

Knowledge of:

  • Customer expectations and cultural requirements
  • Product life cycle implications or strategies
  • New product development modification process
  • Product liability implications
  • Legal/regulatory requirements for pricing
  • Environmental concerns

Task 2/7:

Implement, monitor, and adjust the company's global pricing strategies.

Knowledge of: 

  • Cost structures,including marginal and fixed.
  • Tariff and non-tariff barriers and incentives.
  • Quoting methods
  • Resources for global pricing strategies
  • How local market conditions could impact pricing
Task 2/8: Initiate and manage global promotion strategies in order to support the global marketing plan.

Knowledge of:

  • Global sales promotion mechanisms
  • Technological tools for promotion
  • Trade assistance resources in support of global promotion

Task 2/9:

Analyze and formulate global distribution strategy for products and/or services. 

Knowledge of: 

  • Types and roles of distribution channels
  • Impact of local market distribution characteristics and implementation issues
  • Gray marketing
  • Contractual issues related to market entry

Task 2/10:

Establish and manage the global sales activities.

Knowledge of: 

  • Sales techniques, sales knowledge, and business travel.
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