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Core Knowledge Area 1: Global Business Management

Global Business Management

Develop and/or assist with the strategic and operational planning, devlopment, implementation, and assessment of the international aspects of the business.

Task 1/1:

Develop and/or assist in the creation of a global mission statement for the firm

Knowledge of: 

  • Mission Statement

Task 1/2:

Recognize ethical and cultural issues that are inherent in global activities and contribute to an ethical and cross-culturally sensitive business environment.

Knowledge of:

  • Business ethics perceived and practiced in the U.S. and in other countries.
  • Culturally appropriate techniques for international business settings.

Task 1/3:

Participate in the glboal business planning and long-term strategic planning process.

Knowledge of:

  • Environmental factors affecting international strategies
  • Local, state, federal and global support initiatives that are designed to enable glboal business ventures and expansion
  • Elements of global business plan

Task 1/4:

Contribute to the ongoing internal and external research efforts to determine viability of global ventures.

Knowledge of: 

  • Basic research concepts
  • Data sources for internal market data

Task 1/5:

Develop and/or assist in risk assessment and the development of risk management policies to support proposed global business activities.

Knowledge of: 

  • Country risk
  • Commercial risk
  • Risks and sources
  • Credit assessment and mitigating techniques

Task 1/6:

Develop and/or assist in internal and external legal regulatory compliance efforts to support global activities.


Knowledge of: 

  • General legal liability issues
  • Intellectual property rights, international agreements and practical enforcement levels.
  • Issues related to and sources of information for offshore regulatory legal concerns.

Task 1/7:

Develop and/or assits in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the global budget.

Knowledge of: 

  • General budgeting concepts
  • Revenues and expense uncertainties
  • Transfer pricing

Task 1/8:

Establish and maintain relationships with appropriate external organzations to support global activities.

Knowledge of: 

  • Industry, trade, and investment associations
  • Government support agencies

Task 1/9:

Participate in the effective use of technology to support global performance.


Knowledge of: 

  • Commonly used business and communication technologies
  • Software tools to support global activities
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