Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

MBA Academic Year

Pre-Term: Learn what you and your fellow classmates are made of and make lifelong bonds in the challenging  three-week program kickoff in the fundamentals of globilization, leadership, communication and spreadsheet management.

Core Classes: Whether your focus is finance, marketing or hospitality revenue management, you’ll be immersed in a challenging and innovative curriculum that all candidates will be taking together.

Focused Studies: Dig deeper into your focus area with advanced, intensive courses that challenge you to take what you’ve learned to the next level.

International Study: Embark on a journey to international markets where you’ll learn about different business operations, cultures and institutions as you experience them firsthand.

Capstone Course: Here’s your opportunity to show the world – and your peers and advisors – the skills you’ve honed and the knowledge you’ve gained.

Career Services: While MBA candidates at other schools are still taking courses, you’ll partner with our MBA director of employer relations and professional development to secure a job designed for your personal success.

MBA Fridays: Firsthand accounts and insiders' perspectives on business operations, financial markets, global trade and multinational companies, and diverse career advice from true global leaders.

For a complete breakdown of academic requirements, please review the Graduate School Catalog

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