MBA Faculty

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Julia Blose

Julia Blose, Ph.D.

MBAD 522: Marketing Research and Analysis for Decision Making (Marketing course)

Doug Boyle

Doug Boyle

MBAD 560: Special Topics (Marketing course)

Jocelyn Evans

Jocelyn Evans, Ph.D.

MBAD 517: Advanced Corporate Finance (Finance course)

Robert Frash

Robert Frash, Ph.D.

MBAD 532: Channel Management Strategies in Hospitality (HRM course)

Daniel Guttentag

Daniel Guttentag, Ph.D.

MBAD 531: Forecasting and Business Analytics in Hospitality (HRM course)

James Kindley

James Kindley, MBA

MBAD 505: Creativity and Innovation (Core course)

MBAD 521: Consumer Marketing Strategy (Marketing course)

MBAD 525: Marketing Management (Core course)

Hao-Chen Liu

Hao-Chen Liu, Ph.D.

MBAD 515: International Financial Markets and Risk Management (Finance course)

Ron Magnuson

Ron Magnuson

MBAD 590: Integrated Capstone (Core course)

James Malm

James Malm, Ph.D.

MBAD 503: Financial Management (Core course)

MBAD 516: Financial Modeling (Finance course)

Brumby McLeod

Brumby McLeod, Ph.D.

MBAD 530: Principles of Revenue Management in Hospitality (HRM course)

Thomas Noland

Thomas Noland, Ph.D.

MBAD 502: Accounting Issues for the Business Manager (Core course)

Angela Passarelli

Angela Passarelli, Ph.D.

MBAD 504: Managing and Leading in Organizations (Core course)

Rafael Teixeira

Rafael Teixeira, Ph.D.

MBAD 506: Operations Management (Core course)

Joseph Weston

Joseph Weston, J.D.

MBAD 500: Law of Corporate Governance (Core course)

Mark Witte

Mark Witte, Ph.D.

MBAD 518: The Global Economy (Core course)