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Your company is on the hunt for employees that positively impact your bottom line. Our MBAs fit the bill. Search this year’s Talent Menu to find strong candidates for your 2019 hiring pool.

Kelly Nelson
6+ Years Experience
Hospitality Revenue Management
Edith Michael
5 Years Experience
Camilo Sandoval
1 Year Experience 


A Charleston MBA goes beyond teaching. Our faculty, mentors and staff also provide our MBA students with coaching in what today’s employers tell us they seek when hiring: hard and soft skills.

Our executive coaches assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the program and create a personalized action plan to improve the following skills:

  • Communications
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Risk management
  • And more

This translates into immediate career success for our graduates and their employers.


New Professional Coaching Program Increases Student Awareness, Leadership
As the old adage goes, leaders are not born, they’re made. So, when MBA professor Dr. Angela Passarelli was tasked with developing the curriculum for her Managing and Leading Organizations course, she ditched the traditional lecture and textbook approach in exchange for a transformational leadership-development experience that her students would never forget.

Passarelli recruited eight trained professional coaches who also happen to be local executives to give the MBA students a crash course in honing their professional capabilities and intellectual understanding of leadership.
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