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Paying for the Program

What fees are involved for the Accountancy Graduate Program?

The tuition for 2015-2016 is $5,995 per semester (Fall and Spring) for in-state students and $15,644 for out-of-state students per semester (Fall and Spring). For the summer, in-state students will pay tuition at a rate of $500 per credit hour and out-of-state students will pay $1,304 per credit hour.

Out-of-state students receiving a Graduate Assistantship will be eligible to apply for a tuition abatement that will allow them to pay in-state rates.

Are graduate assistantships available?

Yes. However, these merit-based awards are quite competitive. In order to be considered for most graduate assistantships, your application must be received by March 15. Finalists for these awards generally have GPAs and GMAT scores that are well above the program averages. If interested, download a graduate assistantship application.
We typically offer 8-10 graduate assistantships each year which pay $3,100 per semester ($6,200 per year) plus in-state tuition and fees (for out-of-state residents) for the academic year. Our graduate assistants normally work 10 hours per week. Their work involves services to a department, office, or faculty member.

Are student loans available to MACC students?

Yes. Currently graduate students may borrow from several student loan programs. These programs are constantly changing. For specific program requirements and application materials, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid. Foreign students generally do not qualify for US-based student loans.
Are there opportunities to find out more about the Accountancy Graduate Program? Yes. For additional information or to arrange a campus interview/visit, please contact:

Dr. Roger Daniels Director, Accountancy Graduate Program 843.953.8041
And, for general information about the application process: The Graduate School of the College of Charleston 66 George Street Randolph Hall 310 Charleston, SC 29424 843.953.5614

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