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Concentration and Minor Requirements

TheGLAT Global Logistics and Transportation concentration and minor both require six courses that are taken in sequence beginning in the fall of the junior year. Students should submit their applications for the program in the spring of the sophomore year, provided that prerequisite courses will be completed by the start of the following fall semester. The Global Logistics and Transportation Professional Training Program, required of all undergraduates pursuing the concentration or minor, provides an in-depth industry perspective. 

The required courses are:  TRAN 311 Intermodal Transportation; TRAN 312 Global Logistics; INTB 313 Global Commerce and Enterprise; ECON 303 Economics of Transportation & Geography; TRAN 431 Issues in Global Logistics; TRAN 432 Global Logistics Systems Management.

South Carolina Ports Authority
South Carolina Ports Authority

Refer to the undergraduate catalog for more details on the minor requirements.

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