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James Mueller, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management

Address: J.C. Long Building, Room 310
Office Hours: T-R: 9:00-10:45 am & 12:15-1:30 pm; or by appointment
Phone: 843.953.7634
Curriculum Vitae: Download

Dr. Jim Mueller received a BA degree in economics from Grove City College (PA) and his MBA from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He received a PhD in international strategic management from DeMontfort University (England), supervised by professor Derrick Ball, the UK’s first professor of R&D management.   His dissertation investigated the impact of free market reforms in the former Soviet Union and its satellite nations on the strategies of engineering contractors.    The choice of dissertation topic was influenced by his prior service as a Russian linguist in U.S. military intelligence.   His early research also reflects this interest, with papers published in The European Business Review, Journal of East-West Business, and the International Journal of Management.   

Dr. Mueller started teaching full-time at the College of Charleston in 1997.   Prior to his career in teaching, he held jobs in the U.S. petrochemical and steel industries, and also held two posts in higher education administration.  Dr. Mueller passed NASBITE’s CGBP exam (certified global business professional) in 2008, and became a CGBP certified trainer in 2011.   He has also received a certificate in international human resource management from SHRM. He has co-authored two Department of Education Grants aimed at improving the internationalization of the business curriculum.  Dr. Mueller’s primary teaching duties are in international business and strategic management.  His current research is primarily pedagogical and is directed at improving the overall quality of higher education and in exploring innovative methods for teaching international business and strategic management.


Leicester Business School - De Montfort University, Leicester, England
Ph.D., 1996

University of North Carolina at Wilmington - Wilmington, North Carolina
M.B.A., 1990

Grove City College - Grove City, Pennsylvania
B.A., Economics and Business Administration, 1979

Courses Taught

  • ECON 101 Introduction to Economics
  • DSCI 304 Production and Operations Management
  • MGMT 301 Management and Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 307 Human Resources Management
  • MGMT 408 Business Policy
  • MGMT 322 International Business
  • MGMT 325 Comparative International Management
  • MKTG 302 Marketing Concepts
  • MGMT 409 Global Strategic Management
  • INTB 322 International Business

Honors and Awards

  • Certified Global Business Professional, NASBITE, 2008
  • Certificate in International Human Resource Management, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 1998


Stepanovich, P. and J.D. Mueller (2017)  Strategic conflict: A systems-based pedagogical simulation.  International Journal of Social Sciences and Education, 7:3, 77-87.

Stepanovich, P., Mueller, J.D. and Benson, D. (2014) AACSB Accreditation and Possible Unintended Consequences: A Deming View.  Journal of Education for Business, 89:2, 103-109  

Gonzalez, M., Quesada, G., Mueller, J. and R.D. Mueller (2011), International Business Curriculum Design: Identifying the Coice of the Consumer, Journal of International Education in Business, 4,1: 6-29.

González, M., Quesada, G., Mueller, J., & Mueller, R. (2011). A curriculum design in International Business. Journal of International Education in Business, 5(1).

Conference Presentations

Mueller, James D.  (2018)  Competing World views of Responsibile Business Conduct.  Presented at the Academy of Business Research Conference, New Orleans, March 2018.

Mueller, James D. (2018).  Exploring the Boundaries of Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility.  Presented at International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD) conference, Orlando, Jan 2-5.

Mueller, Nicholas J. and J.D. Mueller  (2016). Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility.  Presented at two workshops:  Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, and the Minas Gerais Military Police Academy.  8 - 9 November 2016.

Stepanovich, P. And Mueller, J. (2015)  Strategic Conflict: A systems thinking pedagogical simulation.  International Conference on Arts, Social Science, Economics and Education.  Toronto, November 2015

González, M., & Quesada, G., Mueller, J.  (2014)  Improving customer service and administrative efficiency using quality function deployment: a medical facility case.  Proceedings  10th International Strategic Management Conference.   Rome, June 2014.

González, M., & Quesada, G., Mueller, J., Riecken, G.  (2013) A model to integrate new product/process development: An empirical study. 4th Annual Conference of the European Decision Science Institute. Budapest, Hungary, June 16-19.

Quesada , G., González, M., Davis, J. Mueller, J. (2013). Strategic alignment of order winners and supply chain Integration. 4th Annual Conference of the European Decision Science Institute. Budapest, Hungary, June 16-19.

Mueller, J., Mueller, R., Queseda, G.,  Gonzalez, M. (2013)  The US International Business Degree: What is It?  National Business and Economics Society, Herradurra, Costa Rica, March 6-9, 2013

For a comprehensive list of Dr. James Mueller's research and conference papers, please see his CV.