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HTMT Fall 2018 Syllabi

HTMT 210 Principles & Practices in Hospitality & Tourism
HTMT 210-01 Dr. Steve Litvin
HTMT 210-02 Dr. Steve Litvin
HTMT 210-03 Dr. Daniel Guttentag
HTMT 210-04 Dr. Wayne Smith
HTMT 210-06 Dr. Daniel Guttentag

HTMT 244 Frontline Hospitality Internship Experience
HTMT 244-01 Jeremy Clement
HTMT 244-02 Jeremy Clement

HTMT 310 Current Topics in HTMT

Current Topics in HTMT
HTMT 310-01 Michael Seekings

Wine and Beer Essentials for the Hospiality and Tourism Industry
HTMT 310-02 Dr. Michael Cohen

HTMT 350 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
HTMT 350-01 Dr. Steve Litvin

HTMT 351 Hotel Management
HTMT 351-01 Dr. Brumby McLeod

HTMT 352 Service Operations Management
HTMT 352-01 Dr. John Crotts
HTMT 352-02 Dr. John Crotts

HTMT 353 Hospitality Sales & Negotiation
HTMT 351-01 Dr. John Crotts

HTMT 360 Special Topics in Hospitality & Tourism

Adventure Tourism
HTMT 360-03 Dr. Brumby McLeod

Event Practicum
HTMT 360-05 Jeremy Clement

HTMT 361 Meetings and Convention Management
HTMT 361-01 Dr. Wayne Smith

HTMT 362 Events Management
HTMT 362-01 Jeremy Clement

HTMT 370 Foodservices Enterprise:  Design and Development
HTMT 370-01 Dr. Robert Frash

HTMT 444 Hospitality Internship Experience
HTMT 444-01 Jeremy Clement

HTMT 488 Strategic Hospitality & Tourism Management
HTMT 488-01 Dr. Robert Frash
HTMT 488-02 Dr. Robert Frash

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