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Steve Litvin, D.B.A.


Address: Tate Center, Room 310
Office Hours: Mon/Wed 3:30 - 5:00 PM, Thurs 2:00- 4:00 PM, and by appointment
Phone: 843.953.7317
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University of South Australia - Adelaide, South Australia
D.B.A., Business Administration, International Graduate School of Management, 2000

Babson College - Wellesley, Massachusetts
M.B.A., 1978

Bentley College - Waltham, Massachusetts
B.S., Accounting, 1973

Research Interests

  • Tourism consumer behavior
  • Tourism impacts
  • Community development for a tourist community

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
  • Tourism Impact Studies (co-taught)
  • Applied Tourism Research
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • International Tourism Management (co-taught)
  • Marketing Management
  • Supervision of Masters by Research student’s dissertation
  • Review committee, tourism Ph.D. program

Honors and Awards

  • College of Charelston, School of Business, Outstanding Research Award, 2003, 2005.
  • Guelph University Fulbright Scholar of Sustainable Commerce, Canada, 2008-2009


Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals

Litvin, S.W., Wofford, E.B., and Smith, W.W. (2015). “Rapid Growth and Density of Liquor Licenses in a Heritage Destination: Charleston’s Emerging ‘Entertainment District.’” Tourism Review International, Vol. 19 (3): 163-174.

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Litvin, S.W. and Wofford, E.B. (2015 acceptance). “Charleston’s Newfound ‘Entertainment Zone’: Should we be Concerned?” Current Issues in Tourism (accepted paper, awaiting publication).

Smith, W.W., Litvin, S.W., Frash, R.E. and Butcher, E. (2015 acceptance). "Instructional Scaffolding Approach into the Classroom: Teaching for Authentic Learning in Hospitality and Tourism Education.” Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism (accepted paper, awaiting publication). 

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Book Chapters

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Invited Presentations

Litvin, S.W. (2009).  “Tourism Development and Regionalization: Keys to Success.”  Gulf Coast (MS) Business Council Masters Course, April, presented on behalf of the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Litvin, S.W. (2008). “The Hospitality Quality Mantra: Maybe Less Sacred than We Believe.” University of Waterloo Faculty of the Environment, Tourism Lecture Series 2008, November 7, Waterloo, Ontario.

Litvin, S.W. (2007). “Growth in a Tourism Town: Impact of Hotel Proliferation in Charleston.” Urban Land Institute, South Carolina Chapter, Charleston.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations and Proceedings

Litvin, S.W. and Walker, D.M. (2013). “How do Casinos Make Money?”  15th Annual International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking.  Las Vegas, May 27-31.

Litvin, S.W. and DiForio, J. (2012). “The Malling of Main Street: Extended Abstract.”  Proceedings of the Travel and Tourism Research Association, June, 17-19, Virginia Beach, VA, available online at

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