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Economics Seminar Series

The Department of Economics hosts a variety of events and guest speakers throughout the year.  See the list of upcoming and past events.  Stay tuned to the School of Business website for reminders and details of the events.

Departmental Presentations








Jocelyn Evans

Beatty 320

Evidence of simultaneous short selling surrounding bad news for suppliers in captive relationships



Carlianne Patrick, Georgia State University

Beatty 320

Demand for New Cities: Property Value Capitalization of Municipal Incorporation



Wes Burnett

Beatty 320

An Economic Efficiency Analysis of U.S. Household Energy Consumption



Daniel L. Hicks

Beatty 320




Daniel Huerta

Beatty 320




Jordan Ragusa

Beatty 320

I’m With Her?  Why Republican Lawmakers Refused to Endorse Its Party’s Nominee

Past Departmental Presentations

Spring 2016

15 January

James Malm // "Independent Directors and Corporate Litigation." //Beatty 301

29 January

Russell Sobel //"The Rise and Decline of Nations: The Dynamic Properties of Institutional Reform"//Beatty 301

5 February

Craig McCann //"An Empirical Analysis of Non-Traded REITs"//Beatty 301

12 February

Peter Calcagno //"Does Fiscal Decentralization Affect Infrastructure Quality?: An Examination of U.S. States"//Beatty 301

26 February

Matt Nowlin //"Climate Governance: Mapping the Climate Change Policy Regime in the United States"//Beatty 301

24 March

Alex Tabarrok //"Is Regulation to Blame for the Decline in American Entrepreneurship?"//Beatty 301

15 April

Gary Wagner //"What Does an Income Shock Really Buy You? Evidence from a Change in Military Housing Policy"//Beatty 301

Spring 2015

23 January

Daniela Goya Tocchetto // "The Lottery of Life and Moral Desert: An Interdisciplinary Investigation." //Beatty 220

20 February

Daniel Huerta //"Expectations of Economic Activity and REIT Price Dynamics: Heterogeneous Effects from Institutional and Individual Investors"//Beatty 220

26 February

Brent Evans // "Conference externalities in NCAA football recruiting" // Beatty 220

20 March 

Roberta Herzberg // TBA //Beatty 220

3 April

Norman Maynard // "Miracles, Disasters, and Data Revisions: Examining Growth Patterns across Data Series." // Beatty 220

17 April

Calvin Blackwell // “Personality and Performance in Economics Courses and Experiments.”// Beatty 220

Fall 2014

19 Sept

Mark Witte // "Does Trade Integration follow European Union Membership? A Case Study with Croatia and Tesla Cables"  Beatty 220

30 Sept.

Timur Kuran // “Rule of Law in the Middle East: Past and Present.”  Tate 202

17 Oct.

Wesley Burnett // "Shale Gas Development and Housing Values over a Decade: Evidence from the Barnett Shale." Beatty 220

31 Oct.

Peter Calcagno // Political Economy of Changes in Casino Taxes  Beatty 220

14 Nov.

Jessica Madariaga // TBA   Beatty 220

Fall 2013

27 Sept.
Weishen Wang // Clustering of shareholder annual meetings and ‘new anomaly’ in stock returns

18 Oct.
Mark Pyles // Culture and Risk Tolerance

25 Oct.
Norman Maynard // TBA

5 Nov.
Nikolai Wenzel // TBA

15 Nov.
Jordan Ragusa // Micro, Mecro, or Macro? Disentangling the Effects of Economic Indicators on Vote Choice

Spring 2012                                 

20 Jan
Andrew Weinbach, Coastal Carolina Univ.
// Determinants of Sportsbook Betting Volume in the NFL

27 Jan
Andy Young, West Virginia Univ.
// Institutional Quality and Foreign Aid Flows: An Empirical Study 

17 Feb
John Siegfried, Vanderbilt Univ.
// What Does Intercollegiate Athletics Do To (or For) Colleges and Universities?

1 Mar
Deidre McCloskey, University of IL at Chicago
  // TBA

22 Mar
Art Carden, Rhodes College
  // TBA

6 Apr
Weishen Wang, C of C
// Corporate Governance, under-performing Stock Reversal and Trading Strategies

13 Apr
Jesus Sandoval Hernandez, C of C
// TBA

Fall 2011

19 Sep
Lawrence White, George Mason University
// Positively Valued Fiat Money after the Sovereign Disappears: The Case of Somalia
30 Sep
Jin-Hong Park, College of Charleston
// Analyzing Nonlinear Time Series with Central Subspace
21 Oct
Humberto Barreto, DePauw University
// Understanding and Teaching Unequal Probability of Selection
4 Nov
Calvin Blackwell, College of Charleston
// Beyond Critical Thinking:  An Example of Critical Action Learning in an Economics Course
11 Nov
Mark Witte, College of Charleston
// An Empirical Examination of the Currency Denomination of Trade

Spring 2011

Fri., Jan. 21      
Mark Witte (CofC) // Is the evolution of economic freedom random?                  

Fri., Feb. 4        
Hao-Chen Liu (CofC) // Does price clustering exist in the foreign exchange swap market? Evidence from transaction-level data

Fri., Feb. 18                                                   
Calvin Blackwell*(CofC), Bing Pan (CofC), and Xiang (Robert) // Power Laws in Tourist Flows 

Fri., Mar. 4                          
Li (U. SC) // Minimum wages and adolescent DUIs              

Fri., Mar. 18      
Chad Cotti (U. of Wisconsin, Oshkosh) J.J. Arias* (Georgia) and Cameron Ellis // Decreasing excludability of digital music - Implications for copyright law                                            

Fri. Apr. 1                                      
Doug Walker* and Peter Calcagno (CofC) // The casino industry and corruption of public officials in the U.S. 

Fri., Apr. 15                                 
Rachel Graefe-Anderson (CofC) // Tournaments and the CEO labor market 

* = presenting author


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