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Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Davis, J. (2012 acceptance). Leveraging the IT Competence of Non-IS Workers: Social Exchange and the Good Corporate Citizen. To appear in European Journal of Information Systems.

Davis, J. & Yi M. (2012). User Disposition and Extent of Web Utilization: A Trait Hierarchy Approach. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 70(5).

Smith, W.W., Litvin, S.W. and Pitts, R. (2012 acceptance). Sedentary Behavior of the Non-Travel Segment: A Research Note. To appear in Journal of Travel Research.

González, M., Quesada, G., Mueller, J., & Mueller, R. (2011). A curriculum design in International Business. Journal of International Education in Business, 5(1).

Quesada, G., González, M., Mora-Monge, C., & Hartley, M. (2011). Exploring the Differences in Quality Practices in Developing Countries. International Journal of the Academic Business World, 5(1): 71-86.

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