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Donor Recognition Report

January 2012 - June 2013

Justin McLain, Howard Rudd, Anita Zucker and Alan Shao
Justin McLain, Howard Rudd, Anita Zucker and Alan Shao taken at Dr. Rudd's Last Lecture Event.

Thank you for your interest in our latest Donor Recognition Report that celebrates the significant ways that philanthropy is supporting and advancing our students and faculty.  I'm happy to share with you some examples of ways that generous contributions continue to make valuable and lasting impacts on our people and programs.  

This report recognizes donors to the School of Business between January 2012 through June 2013.  Board of Governors members, alumni, parents and friends contributed extraordinary support to us over these 18 months.  Gifts and pledges made in 2012 totaled more than $1.55M, and the first six months of 2013 have seen an impressive $1.31M committed.  Some notable individual gifts include: 

  • $540,000 committed by Steve and Maureen Kerrigan to establish a premier Investment Program including a public investments course debuting this fall.  Twenty one students enrolled in the course will create and manage an investment portfolio using $50,000 provided from the Kerrigan gift. 
  • $250,000 was pledged to establish 40 new scholarships for undergraduate students interested in minoring in commercial real estate.  Additionally, two awards to recognize excellent work by students studying real estate were created.  This generous commitment was made by Ben and Tricia Carter who established the Carter Real Estate Center in 2006 with an endowed gift.  
  • $250,000 endowment fund by Anita Zucker and Justin R. McLain to create the Howard F. Rudd Distinguished Service Leadership Award to annually reward one business professor whose work reflects the spirit and legacy of Dr. Howard Rudd, dean emeritus and retired professor of management.
  • $150,000 commitment from BMW Manufacturing Corp. to establish the BMW Logistics Advantage Program for students minoring in global logistics and supply chain management.

A special "thank you" goes to our numerous alumni who made gifts to the School of Business, many of whom are first-time b-school donors.  I am proud that we continue to see a steady increase in the number of alumni who are investing in us.  

Please take some time to see the names of our donors and the stories that highlight some of the exciting ways that philanthropy impacted our people and programs over the past 18 months.    

Charleston continues to grow not only as the top destination city in the world but also as "the place to be" for manufacturers, service-sector firms, and new tech start ups.  Our donors help to position the School of Business as an active player in this exciting "Charleston renaissance" as we prepare our graduates with relevant global learning and ready-to-work skills.

With the 2013-2014 academic year underway, I look forward to our continued momentum with even more donors added this time next year.  If you have any comments or feedback on the Donor Recognition Report, please contact me.

Sincerely grateful,

Alan T. Shao


This 18-month Donor Recognition Report recognizes those donors who made a gift to the School of Business between January 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.  The reason for adjusting our time frame is so future reports will reflect the academic year. 


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